Wisdom Teeth…… Not So Wise After All…….

Why are our third molars called “Wisdom Teeth” anyway? The answer is because they usually appear in the late teens/early twenties. The reality is that the majority of people around the world have “impacted” wisdom teeth, meaning their third molars are stuck underneath their jaw bone and sometimes can not be seen without a panoramic x-ray. Many of these “wisdom” teeth erupt at an angle either, vertically, horizontally, mesioangular (most common) and distoangular.

Dr. Varghese monitors our patients’ dental eruption, including the formation of “wisdom” teeth during treatment. The last thing our patients’ want is their beautiful new smiles to be compromised by pesky third molars! This is the reason why we see every patient every 6 months up to 2 years after their braces come off! When and if the time comes to have your “wisdom” teeth removed, we will send a letter to your general dentist or give you a great referral to an oral surgeon, depending upon the severity of the impaction.

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