Why Observation/Recall Appointments are So Important!

Dr. Varghese and your smile squad understand that parents’ schedules get crazy busy with sports, music lessons, and many other kinds of after school activities.  We understand that bringing your children to their orthodontic observation/recall check may be no easy task. For the majority of the time, these appointments are no longer than 10-15 minutes, and many wonder if they are necessary at all, but these appointments are crucial to properly monitor your child’s growth. Here at Varghese Orthodontics, these appointments are completely complimentary to you and your insurance provider.

Observation/recall visits are scheduled for those patients that have not been ready to begin orthodontic treatment or our patients who may be between Phase I and Phase II of orthodontic treatment. Dr. Varghese monitors our patients’ growth and dental eruption during these appointments, so when it’s time for your child to begin treatment, they will receive the best care they need, when they need it. Dr. Varghese looks at the overall skeletal formation, occlusion, or “bite” and the remaining primary or baby teeth left, as well as any missing or extracted permanent teeth. During these appointments, we may take a panoramic x-ray to properly monitor dental development for future orthodontic treatment.  These appointments also enable to monitor any space maintainers or retainers that your child may have had at the conclusion of Phase I treatment.   Lastly, observation visits enable Dr. Varghese to properly time the start of full comprehensive treatment.  Dr. Varghese and our team believe in beginning orthodontic treatment for our patients when the time is right. We do not want our patients in treatment longer than they have to be. This may require waiting months or years until our patients are dentally ready to begin any kind of orthodontic treatment.

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