Why it’s so Important to Wear Your Retainers for Life!

Nothing is more frustrating than noticing your teeth begin to shift as soon as you get your braces off. It is completely normal for your teeth to “settle” after your braces are removed, and our goal is to minimize these changes. As we get older, our bodies change, resulting in wrinkles in our skin, the thinning of our hair and yes!, the alignment and movement of our teeth. Retainers are the key to preventing tooth movement! The most important time to be faithful with your retainer wear is the first year after your braces are immediately removed. Absolutely everyone is different, as each individual’s teeth move differently, so Dr. Varghese encourages our patients to monitor your own tooth movement to get a better idea of how often retainer wear is needed after the first critical year. Typically Dr. Varghese recommends retainer wear every night or every other night for lifetime after the first year. If you are not faithful with your retainer wear, Dr. V guarantees your teeth will move and most likely will need orthodontic treatment once again!
If you notice small, progressive changes in the days or weeks after your braces come off, your retainer may need to be adjusted. The sooner you call our office, the better chance we will have from orthodontic relapse. Otherwise, the longer the changes are left unaddressed, the more extensive the additional treatment will be.
Please do not hesitate to contact our office and our wonderful staff could answer any questions you may have.

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