What Exactly is “Successful Orthodontic Treatment” and How Do You Achieve it?

Successful orthodontic treatment is a partnership between Dr. Varghese and each individual patient of ours. Dr. Shaun and our amazing staff are hands-down, dedicated to achieving the best possible result for each patient. In order to attain this goal, patients must follow instructions carefully so that teeth can be moved properly and on schedule.

Treatment frequently takes a long time (often years) and greatly depends upon the patient faithfully following detailed instruction from Dr. Varghese and staff. As with all health care, there is some risk associated with orthodontic treatment. Treatment usually goes as planned, but results can not be guaranteed. When you have made the decision to proceed with the recommended treatment plan, you must be fully committed to doing your part.

The level of treatment depends upon the severity of the problem, the patient’s growth and the level of patient cooperation. More severe problems take longer and require more patient cooperation. The estimated time of treatment usually is very close to the actual treatment time, but treatment may be lengthened if growth is different than expected or if patient cooperation is less than needed. Certain cases may require two of more phases. The amount of time spent with Dr. Varghese is a very small fraction of the treatment time. Most movement of teeth takes place continuously during normal daily activities.

At anytime during treatment, please do not hesitate to call our office and our staff is more than willing and able to assist with any questions, or call to make an appointment to speak with Dr. Varghese regarding treatment at anytime. Our goal each and every day is to provide the BEST ORTHODONTIC CARE POSSIBLE FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF OUR PATIENTS!

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