The benefits of AcceleDent!

Who would not like to reduce their time in braces?

Dr. Varghese proudly welcomes AcceleDent, an innovative way to reduce treatment time and lessen the discomfort that comes with braces. AcceleDent is an innovative device designed to increase your rate of tooth movement as well as potentially decrease your overall treatment time.

AcceleDent is a comfortable, lightweight, hands-free device that you bite between your teeth for 20 minutes per day while undergoing treatment. AcceleDent uses micro-vibrations that help stimulate bone movement, which complements the controlled force braces provide to help bring your teeth into proper alignment and occlusion.

Multiple studies have indicated that AcceleDent is an effective treatment in safely increasing bone movement, and can reduce the time our patients spend wearing braces by about 38-50% faster than usual.

To learn if AcceleDent is right for you, please give us at call at 630.907.9680 to schedule your complimentary exam with us today 🙂

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