Patient Resources

Emergency Care

Orthodontic emergencies are rare, but when they do occur, we are here for you. Below is a list of common problems and how they may be remedied at home. If you experience discomfort or have a problem with your orthodontic appliance, please call our office. We are always here to help you throughout your treatment.

Loose bracket or band: Eating the wrong foods is one of the biggest causes of broken orthodontic appliances. Avoid hard, crunchy, or sticky foods as they can cause your brackets to come off.

Call our offices in Huntley or North Aurora to schedule an appointment to repair the bracket. If the bracket is attached to the wire, cover it with wax if needed for comfort. If the band/bracket is out completely, bring it with you to you next appointment. Avoid attaching rubber bands to loose bracket or bands.

Broken or Poking Wires
If a wire is broken, simply remove the broken piece. If a wire slips out of the last bracket/band, use tweezers to replace the wire back into the tube. If the wire is pokey, put wax at the end of the wire. If wax does not stay, use a fingernail clipper and cut the wire behind a bracket. Then remove the wire that was clipped with a tweezer.

Tooth Soreness
Soreness will occur on and off during orthodontic treatment. Stay with soft foods and take Tylenol as needed.

Loose Teeth You may notice loose teeth during orthodontic treatment. This is a normal part of tooth movement. If a loose teeth has a bracket attached to it, please call our office so that we may address the situation.

Lost Spacers If you lose spacers/separators 1-2 days before your appointment, don’t worry that means the space is there. If lost and you have 3 or more days, please call our office to replace the separator.