The Importance of Wearing a Mouthguard During Contact Sports

When participating in contact sports such as football, basketball, soccer, wrestling, karate, etc… you should always wear a mouthguard! Here are 5 way a mouthguard can help protect you:

1.) Helps reduce the chance of a concussion
2.) Protects jaw joints against injury
3.) Protects soft tissues from injury
4.) Cushions teeth against impact
5.) Helps prevent injuries to the jaws and neck

We encourage you to inform us if you do participate in any such sports and we will make arrangements to have a mouthguard adjusted.  Shock Doctor makes the braces mouthguard which can be obtained from a sports store.  The mouthguard is specifically made to conform over your upper braces.  If your teeth are loose or your appliance is damaged due to an accident, contact our office immediately so we may advise you of the kind of treatment required.

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