How NOT To Forget Your Retainer!

The alarm buzzes in the morning! You wake up and realize “I forgot to wear my retainer!”

If this only happened once, don’t panic. Missing one night with a retainer is unlikely to cause significant tooth movement. However, if it has happened often, give our office a call to make sure your teeth haven’t shifted position.

Here are some tips from Dr. Varghese to help you remember your retainer:

1. Write down the instructions we give you for wearing your retainer, whether you should wear it all day, at night, or just a few times per week. Writing things out helps set the schedule in your memory.

2. Clean your retainer when you take it out each and every time. If you don’t, you may not have time when you’re rushing to get to work or school to clean it properly and maybe tempted not to wear it.

3. Put a note on your mirror or in your purse or wallet reminding you to wear your retainer.

4. Set an alarm on your mobile phone to remind you when it’s time to put your retainer in. If you have an email with a calendar, you can set up daily reminders too.

5. Always put your retainer in its case when you take it out to eat, brush your teeth, or sleep. You’ll reduce your risk for losing it or accidentally throwing it away.

6. If you don’t have to wear the retainer every day, you can use some recurring events to help you remember. With this system watching your favorite weekly TV show, laundry day, or family pizza night can all serve as reminders that you should put in your retainer.

7. Don’t be shy about asking for help if you’re forgetful. Assure your spouse, parents, siblings, or roommates that you won’t consider it “nagging” if they remind you to wear your retainer.

8. Surf online for examples of how teeth can shift when retainers are not properly worn. Those stories can serve as a timely warning not to let the same thing happen to you!

Remember, you can always call our North Aurora and Huntley offices if you feel your retainer is uncomfortable or painful. We’ll work with you to protect your smile!

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