Hints for Dealing with Discomfort that Come with Braces

The day you get your braces on, it will feel kind of awkward and you’ll salivate a little bit more than normal. This is completely expected! So No Worries 🙂 Typically patients feel a dull soreness 1-3 days after each orthodontic adjustment. Here are a few things YOU can do to lessen your discomfort:

Home Remedies
Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water will soothe and promote healing. Rinse several times per day or when you feel some soreness from poking wires. Dr. Varghese also recommends Tylenol during these times too. Cold foods like ice cream or yogurt can help dull the soreness, while ice packs help as well. Dr. Varghese stresses the importance of not biting into ice if you choose to place an ice cube directly on your sore, as ices cubes can crack a tooth right in half 🙁

Products you can use
Products for canker sores can be applied directly to your mouth sores that may develop from your braces. There are also some various mouth rinses that can act as a shield or barrier in your mouth to protect you from sores and further irritation. Dr. Varghese and our team recommend dental wax to apply on abrasive areas to protect your mouth from getting scraped and poked from long wires. Please come in during our business hours and help yourself to our scented wax at our “Good Bye Center” located next to the “Check-In Desk”.
Remember that your discomfort will NOT last forever, one day you will wake up not even thinking you have braces on and the next moment, your orthodontic treatment will be complete and you will be braces free and have a beautiful new smile to show for it.
Please call our offices if you have any questions 🙂

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