Flossing Between Your Permanent Retainer

All of us can agree that one of the most challenging tasks about having a permanent retainer is keeping it clean. Retainers that are bonded behind the teeth look nice and do their job perfectly without your help. Unfortunately, these retainers tend to accumulate plaque and stain, which require more time and effort when flossing.
Dr. Varghese uses bonded retainers because they have proven to be the most reliable when it comes to preventing tooth movement after braces are removed. There are 3 ways to floss your bonded retainer:
1.) “Floss threaders” are thin plastic needles that are used to help direct floss between the teeth and under your permanent wire. Once the floss is under the wire, it can me moved up and down the sides of your adjacent teeth, to remove plaque and stain build-up.
2.) “Superfloss” is a pre cut piece of floss on which one end has been made thicker by the manufacturer. This stiff end makes is much easier to thread your floss between your teeth making flossing a little bit faster than using floss threaders.
3.)”Airfloss or Waterpik” are great to use when you are on the go and do not have the time to spend on threading between each tooth. But don’t forget to floss traditionally when you get home 🙂

Please contact our office if you need to know where to purchase these products or have any questions at 630.907.9680.

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