Did You Know Orthodontics is NOT Just for Straightening Teeth?

Dr. Varghese and our entire team continue to work tirelessly to give our patients straight teeth and a beautiful smile. It’s always nice to have a smile full of evenly aligned teeth, but did you know that straightening your teeth keeps them healthier too?
Straight teeth leads to better oral hygiene, increasing your chances of keeping your very own pearly white teeth for a lifetime, due to the fact that straight teeth are less prone to decay, a soft sticky colorless substance that forms on our teeth, every day, throughout the day. When you visit Dr. Varghese and our spectacular team, we monitor dental hygiene at each appointment!

Remember that it does not take much to remove plaque. Brush longer, not harder 🙂
Please call us to schedule your complimentary consultation and learn how to keep your natural teeth for a lifetime!

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