Varghese Orthodontics is dedicated to giving back to the community. We are very proud to have sponsored countless teams, events, and organizations over the years and truly love having opportunities to be involved in our communities. While we try our best, we appreciate your understanding that we are unable to approve every request we receive.

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Please note that Varghese Orthodontics supports team and community organizations in an effort to impact more individuals. It is preferred that only patients request sponsorships. We cannot accept the following requests:

  • Individuals seeking aid for their family or themselves
  • Individual study, research or travel scholarships
  • Individual fund raising to obtain a goal or discount on travel expenses

Varghese Orthodontics roots for all of local teams and associations as well as events throughout the community, and looks forward to helping them achieve greatness every year whenever possible. We are pleased to have been able to recently provide some funding to the following teams, organizations, and events.