Back to School with Braces

We can not believe summer flew by once more and it’s that time of year again! The temperature is cooling off, fall sports are underway and all the kids are back to school. We would like to offer a few helpful tips for going back to school with braces!
1.) Be sure to follow the 2×2 brushing rule: brush your teeth TWO times a day for TWO minutes each day! It doesn’t take much to get plaque off, longer, not harder. This will help keep your teeth and braces clean, which can lead to quicker appointments and healthier smiles 🙂 If you want to brush after snacking or lunch, keep your toothbrush in your backpack for easy access.
2.) Bring a water bottle to school. Drinking water throughout the day helps to keep your whole mouth clean, fight cavities and bad breath, as soft drinks and even sports drinks are pure sugar in a can or bottle, which can lead to tooth decay and cavites. Stick with water and you can never go wrong!
We wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe return to the new school year 🙂 Keep Smiling!

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