5 Essentials For Cleaning Orthodontic Appliances On The Go!

Clean teeth are essential to successful orthodontics treatment. Whether you have braces or aligners, it is imperative to keep your teeth and appliances clean during treatment. Since you may not always be in the comfort of your home after meals, it would be prudent to keep these 5 cleaning aids in your locker, backpack, purse, or desk.

Here are a few necessities that Varghese Orthodontics recommends for cleaning on the go:

A Soft-bristle Toothbrush
Your teeth should always be clean before putting aligners back in your mouth after eating. A travel-sized toothbrush along with an interproximal brush will remove food between teeth, around brackets, and between the archwires and teeth.

Use toothpaste with fluoride to strengthen your enamel during treatment.

Flossing is essential for cleaning between teeth, between the archwire and the teeth (especially if you are not using an interproximal brush), and under the gumline. Don’t forget your floss threaders if you have braces!

Use a water bottle to rinse your aligners and to swish any debris from your mouth after eating.

A Mirror or Cell Phone
Always do a post-brush check to make sure that you have removed all food debris from your brackets and teeth. You may also use your cell phone’s selfie option if a mirror is not available.

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